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  • Coconut Oil 4 oz

    Coconut Oil 4 oz
    Benefits of Coconut Oil: Idealfor cooking, baking or frying, Contains medium chain triglycerides for energy, Makes a fragrant, rich skin moisturizer, too. A...(more)

    $5.00 More Details
  • Rose Floral Oil 1 oz

    Rose Floral Oil 1 oz
    Rosacea: Classic, romantic fragrance, External use only. For Aromatherapy - Here are just a few ways to use Rose Floral Oil: Perfume - Dab one drop on e...(more)

    $5.00 More Details
  • Violet Floral Oil 1 oz

    Violet Floral Oil 1 oz
    Viola odorata: 100% pure, natural essential oil, Rich, sweet aroma, External use only. Also known as English Violet or Blue Violet, our Violet Essential...(more)

    $5.00 More Details
  • Shea Nut Oil 4 oz

    Shea Nut Oil 4 oz
    Widely used in the cosmetics industry, shea nut oil is derived during the production of shea butter. It offers a high content of oleic and stearic fatty acids t...(more)

    $6.00 More Details
  • Tea Tree Oil 1 oz

    Tea Tree Oil 1 oz
    Melaleuca alternifolia: Topical cleanser for skin, nails, more, A must-have for any home, Light spicy aroma, External use only. Native to Australia, the mal...(more)

    $6.00 More Details
  • Vanilla Flavor Essential Oil 1 oz

    Vanilla Flavor Essential Oil 1 oz
    Benefits of Vanilla Essential Oil: Emits the sweet aroma of freshly baked cookies, Ideal for scenting a room, Popular fragrance of love. Native to Central A...(more)

    $6.00 More Details
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